Art for Life 2018 at the Columbus Museum of Art

Art For Life 2018

It's an honor to be included in this prestigious & philanthropic event again. My contributions for their last few events have been made specifically for them. It's a way I can contribute and help make a bigger impact (hopefully). It is also a way for me to show my thanks & gratitude.  This is a wonderful union of community & art supporting each other & I'm proud to be a part of it!! In addition to generating much needed funding, it's an incredibly good time - Having fun doing good! What's better than that? Well a close second would be hanging  with International artists like Keith Haring, Dion Johnson, Dave Chihuly as well as several artists & friends I adore & admire at the Columbus Museum of Art for this event. Oh wait, that's happening too!  But don't take my word for it, visit the link below to see! 

What is Art For Life?

Art for Life is a biennial art auction, created in 1989, that has helped raise awareness and approximately $3 million in funding for HIV/AIDS medical care, prevention, education, testing and advocacy services. The event is not only a celebration of the arts community and Equitas Health’s life-saving work, but also a celebration of life and the artists who enrich it. There is a Live and Silent Auction which feature some of the best local and internationally recognized artists. Art for Life 2016 raised over $600,000 and had over 1,000 attendees, continuing its legacy as the most successful charity art auction fundraiser in Ohio.

Art for Life will return to the Columbus Museum of Art in the Margaret M. Walter Wing on September 15, 2018.

Artwork Preview  here

Tickets / Event Information  here


Every Piece Is Important: Donatos Pizza + Artists = Better Community

In early 2018 Donatos Pizza joined forces with the arts community for a special project to help identify some of the "pieces" of Columbus, OH that make it so great. Taking direction from Donatos Pizza's current slogan "Every Piece Is Important", Artists were asked to create 3 portraits (faces only) of who they felt an important "piece" of Columbus was. There were lots of "pieces" I would have loved to have made...but these are the three I selected: Rick Kocks, Tona Miller Pearson & Jeni Britton Bauer.

Who are these people? Well, let me tell you:

Rick Kocks: My high school photography teacher who accepted no excuses & taught with a level of expectation you quickly learned to set for yourself. I could have made portraits of several teachers at my High School, Ft. Hayes. But when I make things today & think "is this the best you can do?" that little voice grew from a seed that Rick Kocks planted. Challenge yourself & grow. Never look at something the same way twice, there are too many ways we can"see" things-don't just stop at the first one. Also deadlines. Never. Miss. A. Deadline. He is responsible for cultivating hundreds of students who I'm betting will tell you he made them a better person.

Tona Miller Pearson: I am convinced there is nothing this woman cannot do. In no particular order she is a mother, talented artist, one of the founders of Franklinton Fridays, creator of The Amazing Cat Show, board member of the Franklinton Arts District, an event & benefit organizer AND she ran the Big Local Arts Tent for several years.  Each of these roles allowed her to do something she loves: support, improve & engage the local arts community. What I love is that I've only "known" her for maybe 3 years.....and she's so humble I'm pretty sure this list is longer - she'll always give credit where credit is due (except herself). 


Jeni Britton Bauer: She's my Ice Cream Queen. She's all of Columbus' Ice Cream Queen. She's a Mid-Western self-made business woman adding to the diversity that is the sea of Business headquarters in Columbus, OH. She puts community over profit, which makes her a role model for anyone. She started a business with no experience, making decisions on how she thought things should be. She was right. I admire her because she went with her gut. She has had to make hard choices but always takes the responsible road & she always comes out better. I'd love to know some little girl out there might think "If she can do it, why can't I?" 

Rick Kocks, Tona Pearson & Jeni Britton Bauer by Kate Morgan 

Rick Kocks, Tona Pearson & Jeni Britton Bauer by Kate Morgan 

Group Show Fundraiser at Lindsay Gallery

For this curated exhibit Robert Falcone asked 10 artists to represent the modern woman as contemporary icon. Participating artists include Alison Chism, Robert Falcone, Amber Groome, Mike Jones, Lisa McLymont, Bill Miller, Joey Monsoon, Kate Morgan, Ashley Pierce, Roger Williams & Chas Ray Krider. This is the annual fundraiser for Annie's Fund for the Creative Arts. 

Annie’s Fund for the Creative Arts exists to perpetuate the beauty of the handcraft. This endowed fund honors the memory of Anne P. Miller who, as an artist and patron of handcrafted art, believed deeply in the magic of what hands and minds can create. We carry on her vision by funding within the Ohio Valley, individual artists and group initiatives that advance often over-looked art forms. Our work is supported by donations from those who hold dear this fund’s purpose and the woman it honors.

You can connect with Annie's fund on Facebook here

You can connect with Lindsay Gallery here

"Modern Madonna" exhibits the entire month of July 2018 at Lindsay Gallery, 986 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201

"Modern Madonna" exhibits the entire month of July 2018 at Lindsay Gallery, 986 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201

Exhibiton: Futures For The Rest of Us

Super excited to be 1 of 16 International Artists hand selected for this exhibition!



Friday, May 4, 2018 |  6pm-9pm 

162 N. 6th Street, Columbus, OH 43215

Futures for the Rest of Us is a groundbreaking multimedia visual art show featuring fearless futuristic work by visionary artists belonging to groups underrepresented as lead characters in science fiction film & TV. The artists of FFRU will each tell their own story of the future using art as a language. 

Futures for the Rest of Us is bringing fresh perspectives front and center. Why? Because the future belongs to everyone.

FRU will take place at the innovative art space Blockfortvoted Columbus's #1 gallery in 2017.

For those unable to attend; a link to the art & artist statements can be found here


2017 Article in Madison, WI's Cap Times

Art Fair on the Square with artist Kate Morgan, a newbie to the annual event

Kate Morgan was a first-time vendor. As a working artist, she exhibits at fairs around the country from April to October, most times on back-to-back weekends. 

For six years, mixed-media portrait artist Kate Morgan applied for a spot at Madison's Art Fair on the Square, where approximately one in four applicants are chosen through a jury process. 

This past weekend, her persistence paid off as she displayed her work at the annual fair, which funds the year-round programs at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.

Morgan was one of 450 artists at this year’s art fair. Sharing her art with the Madison community was cause for jubilation as well as an opportunity to add one more city to the list of places where she has sold her work. As a working artist, she exhibits at fairs around the country from April to October, most times on back-to-back weekends.

It's her fifth year doing art fairs full time, but she is new to the Madison scene.

“Because I’m a newbie, what I’m trying to do is build an audience. I have to do as many cities as I can, just to market myself,” Morgan said.

Morgan works out of a studio in a maker’s space at the Columbus Idea Foundry in Columbus, Ohio, where she resides. She considers herself a bit of a pack rat, utilizing sheet music, architectural maps and even engineering diagrams as ornaments to represent space and landscape and how these relate to identity and the fluid bodies featured in her portraits. She uses textural elements in her pieces, forcing the viewer to adopt multiple perspectives.

“If you look at where you’re from on a map, it’s usually a dot, and that’s not our experience with where we’re from… it’s just a picture, but it’s also a gateway to so many things,” Morgan said of her work.

“There can be cultural identifiers in my portraits, but I like to think of them as classical, timeless and universal,” Morgan said. “Most of my work depicts the female form, and big amazing hair. I am a woman, that’s what I know. But I leave plenty of room for the viewer to interpret for themselves.”

Most of Morgan’s portraits have similar features, but each one is a different subject. There are subtle allusions to Byzantine art with gold icons directly behind the subject’s head in some of her portraits. Morgan plays with this concept, using the icons to represent notions of virtue by placing the gold icon sometimes directly behind the subject’s head, and other times distorting it, or placing the gold icon further away from the head. A subject who fully embodies their truth, for instance, would have the icon directly behind their head, Morgan said.

Morgan’s pieces vary in size, from 5x7 inches to portraits as large as 64.5x41.5 inches. Prices range from $200 to $1,600, or more.

The artist drove from Ohio for the art fair. With her friend Rebecca Gimblett, who doubled as roadie and tent assistant, she arrived in Madison on Friday evening to get a jump-start on setting up. They showed up an hour before vendors were supposed to move in, but the row of cars on the square Friday evening meant others had the same idea.

Morgan and Gimblett arrived around 7:30 a.m. on Saturday for the first day of the fair. Most art fairs don’t start until 10 or 11 a.m., but Madison’s Art Fair on the Square is an outlier. Crowds start to wrap around the Capitol as soon as 8 a.m. in the morning, which is unique, Morgan said.

“You can tell a lot about a city, how they engage, and if they actually do buy or are just there to look,” she said.

Kate Morgan (left) and her friend Rebecca Gimblett, who doubled as roadie and tent assistant at Saturday’s Art Fair on the Square.

Everybody has a different approach to the fair. While it’s a social event for a lot of people, Morgan said can distinguish between those who just look, buyers and those who are simply there to connect with her and the work she does. The artist values the varying degree of encounters, some of which she would not get in a gallery space.

“Sales for me are better in this type of setting because I get to talk to people,” Morgan said.

Morgan said the toughest part of working an art fair is the unpredictable weather, so Saturday's clear and sunny skies were ideal.

“This is a perfect summer day, which hardly ever happens,” she said.

Should the weather have turned to rain or intense heat, Morgan was prepared. In the back of her tent, she typically keeps battery-operated fans, umbrellas, rain boots and a raincoat tucked away.

By 3 p.m., the crowd had grown a little thinner around the Square, but it was still big enough to bump into people moving from one tent to the next. Morgan spent most of this time organizing her inventory. The rest of the day moved at a relatively steady pace.

“There are some places that I don’t fit into,” Morgan said. “In the whole last couple of months, people have told me Madison is going to love you, and I definitely thrive in more contemporary places like Madison, and areas that are more open to new styles.”

Day one of the Art Fair on the Square wrapped up at 6 p.m. Vendors left their tents as they were, and returned Sunday to do it again.

link to the original article here

Kate Morgan (photo credit: Saiyna Bashir)
Kate Morgan's work at the 2017 Madison Art on the Square. (photo credit: Saiyna Bashir)

On air with Anne Fisher of WOSU Public Media

June 9, 2017

I was super excited to be asked to speak on the topic of business in art for our local NPR station live during the Columbus Art Festival! Hosted by the amazing Anne Fisher! Below is a list of who participated. Below that is a link to the broadcast.

Being on the radio is everyday for Anne Fisher....but to me & Jesse Jones from Wild Goose Creative, we were stoked!! Fun fact about this photo is that we were on a break but basically live on the air. They don't really recommend doing this.    

Being on the radio is everyday for Anne Fisher....but to me & Jesse Jones from Wild Goose Creative, we were stoked!! Fun fact about this photo is that we were on a break but basically live on the air. They don't really recommend doing this. 


ArtPop Street Gallery in Columbus, Ohio

Wednesday March 15, 2017

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Greater Columbus Arts Council (Arts Council) is proud to partner with Lamar and the Art Makes Columbus/Columbus Makes Art campaign to present the first annual ArtPop street gallery. ArtPop Cbus will shine the spotlight on Columbus’ talented artists by placing their work on available billboards throughout Franklin County.

Five artists were selected from 33 applications: David Butler, Cody F. Miller, Kate Morgan, Stephanie Rond and Carol Stewart. See their work at

The ArtPop Cbus selection committee was comprised of representatives from the Arts Council, ArtPop, Lamar and two at-large community members. The winning artists’ work will be installed in mid-April and displayed on print billboards owned and managed by Lamar throughout Franklin County, changing locations as space becomes available.

ArtPop is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works with local arts councils and media companies to promote artists, give them a voice, create public street galleries and energize residents’ commutes. Currently, ArtPop is on the streets of 14 cities nationwide. Art + Public Outdoor Project = ArtPop. For more information, visit

About the Greater Columbus Arts Council: Through vision and leadership, advocacy and collaboration, the Greater Columbus Arts Council supports art and advances the culture of the region. A catalyst for excellence and innovation, we fund exemplary artists and arts organizations and provide programs, events and services of public value that educate and engage all audiences in our community. GCAC thanks the City of Columbus and the Ohio Arts Council for their continued support.

The Columbus Makes Art campaign is a city-wide, collaborative marketing effort designed to highlight the incredible talent of central Ohio artists.

Solo show - New Works at Marcia Evans Gallery - March 2017

31 new pieces from Kate will be on display for the month of March at Marcia Evans Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.  Opening reception is Friday, March 3rd 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. Gallery hours are 11-5 Tuesday - Saturday & occasional Sundays or by appointment. Work displayed is a continuation of mixed media style incorporating additive & subtractive methods in combinations of drawing, painting & collage. The feminine form is still the dominant subject, though there are a few surprises in this show: a man with a birds nest in his beard for example.  Materials for collage include pre-1800 papers, which offer their own magic & mystery--but combined with the mysteriously familiar & unfamiliar characters, new levels of intrigue are achieved. These works offer multiple levels of captivation from a few inches away to a room away. The layering & use of materials is as always a pleasant surprise. All artwork for this show was created from September 2016 - February 2017. For more information, please contact the artist via the website.

"Illusionist" ©2017 Kate Morgan

"Illusionist" ©2017 Kate Morgan

"Break" ©2017 Kate Morgan

"Break" ©2017 Kate Morgan

Great Wine, Great Art.

This is the review the Columbus Dispatch did of the wine about a month or so ago.  As some of you may already know, I was asked to have one of my pieces used as the wine label a few years ago--everyone asked me what the wine was like (I'm a whiskey girl)! So here is lingo that all of my wine loving friends can understand! It makes a great gift (I don't make any money from it, so you'll also need a Kate Morgan piece of art to go with it when you gift it) :)

Wine Review: 2013 La Rousse Languedoc Malbec

Availability: the Andersons near Sawmill Road; Giant Eagle (Sawmill Road, Lewis Center, New Albany, Powell and Westerville); Giant Eagle Market District (Grandview Yard and Kingsdale Shopping Center); Growl!; the Hills Market; House Wine; Pace-High Carryout; Terroir; the Twisted Vine; Weiland’s Market; the Wine Bistro (Columbus, Upper Arlington and Worthington); and Wine on High — and by the glass at Harvest Pizzeria and Zoe Cafe 

Aroma: a mix of fresh and dried fruits (plums, cherries) plus cane fruit 

Flavor: complex fruits with a grapy foundation and no mawkish aspects; long aftertaste 

Notes: Amid the flood of undistinguished malbec-based wines (mostly from South America), here is a standout — produced in southwestern France, where the grape originated. (Columbus artist Kate Morgan designed the label.) 

— Jon Christensen, Dispatch wine reviewer

Detroit Media Blitz!!!

Arts, Beats & Eats 2014 2nd Place Award covered by Fox 2 Detroit

Arts, Beats & Eats 2014 2nd Place Award covered by Fox 2 Detroits @roopraj

Arts, Beats & Eats 2014 2nd Place Award covered by Fox 2 Detroits @roopraj

Arts & Apples Festival, Rochester, MI

Arts & Apples Festival, Rochester, MI

Weather more forgiving on second day of Art & Apples Festival

Posted:  09/06/2014 2:04 PM

ROCHESTER >> Though the ground in Rochester was still soaked from Friday's storms, that didn't keep art lovers from flocking to Municipal Park for the 49th annual Art and Apples Festival.

The annual event runs through Sunday.

PHOTOS: 2014 Art & Apples Festival at Rochester Municipal Park

It was Columbus, Ohio-based artist Kate Morgan's first year at the annual festival, which is expected to draw more than 200,000 guests over the weekend.

Morgan got her start in mixed media and figural art six years ago and just recently celebrated her one-year anniversary of taking up her passion full-time. She said her work is inspired by fashion illustration, fashion photography - Morgan is a photographer herself as well - as well as art history, drawing cues from a number of different eras including German Expressionism and Renaissance art.

She said the show's reputation is what caused her to set up her booth --  Kate Morgan Image Design -- in Rochester this weekend.

"I have a lot of friends that have done the show and who have done well," she said. "(They) say it's a good art-supportive crowd."

She said that she noticed more people at the show Saturday morning than Friday night, when storms hit just before teardown.

She added that despite setbacks such as inclement weather at art festivals, she's happy with her choice to pursue her art as a career.

"Even last night with the rain and everything, it's scary because you might lose all your stuff," she said, "but it's stuff you like to make anyway. You can always make more. There are some people here who lost stuff already. But my worst day at this job is way better than my best days at any other job."

Greenville, N.C. craftsman Gopal Kapoor has set up his jewelry stall -- GK Handicraft -- at the show for nearly 25 years and sang praise of the organizers and other artists.

"This is a good show for me," he said. "I like the people; the people who run the show run it well. It's a well-attended show with good quality of art."

He said the organizers of the show at Paint Creek Center for the Arts run a pretty tight ship, adding that vendors were well-prepared in advance for the weekend's heat and following storm.

"Some shows, they don't tell you anything and the storms hit and you lose your tents and stuff like that," he said. "It's chaos. Here they are so efficient. Everything goes so smoothly."

St. Claire Shores resident Sherri Ott-Rustoni and Oxford resident Ginger Hussong have been attending the show together for the past five years and have made it a yearly tradition.

"We make a girls weekend out of it," Ott-Rustoni said. "I stay at her place, we go out for a nice breakfast and make a nice weekend out of it. It's lovely. And the apples, though they've been kind skimpy with the apples this year."

Troy residents Marian and Bob Kender have attended the show for about 10 years and enjoy the variety of art vendors each new year brings.

"It's nice to be outside and to see the artists and be out in this nice weather and enjoying everyone," Marian said. "That's why we come every year. We have different (favorites), different years. Sometimes it's art, sometimes it's jewelry, sometimes it's children's books."

The event, which features nearly 300 artists and is ranked among the nation's best art festivals, is expected to attract upwards of 200,000 visitors over the weekend.


Art & Wine: A Perfect Combination

La Rousse (Malbec) has chosen one of my images for their new wine label and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results! I've been told it will be available in late August in the Central Ohio region at: Tasi Cafe, The Refectory and the Upper Arlington Giant Eagle Market District to start. 

This is a wonderful example of how unusual partnerships are formed at the Columbus Idea Foundry! Another Studio resident, Patrick Allen was pursuing his own winemaking project via his sources in France. Low and behold things came together and he needed an intriguing image for his new endeavor. He decided on the bold red woman "Francesca" to adorn his bottled harvest. 

My First Show!

Getting ready for what is shaping up to be a super busy spring & summer. Going over pictures for the new website & remembering when I first started! My booth has come a looooong way. 

INDEPENDENTS DAY FESTIVAL, Columbus, OH. This was the first "real" booth I had. The tent was a rental, the lighting was borrowed from my back porch and the "walls" were a genius collaboration of lack of cash & ingenuity. Yes, they are 2x4's painted white zip-tied to the tent with cinder blocks at the bottom. 

INDEPENDENTS DAY FESTIVAL, Columbus, OH. This was the first "real" booth I had. The tent was a rental, the lighting was borrowed from my back porch and the "walls" were a genius collaboration of lack of cash & ingenuity. Yes, they are 2x4's painted white zip-tied to the tent with cinder blocks at the bottom. 

This was the 2013 COLUMBUS ART FESTIVAL in Columbus, OH. Photo Copyright & courtesy: Andy Spessard  

This was the 2013 COLUMBUS ART FESTIVAL in Columbus, OH. Photo Copyright & courtesy: Andy Spessard

New! Greeting Cards

Now available! In my etsy shop are card packs in sets of 12. I've created 2 sets, one with bright & vivid colors while the other has a much softer, neutral palette.