Photo Credit: Ashley Wallace

Photo Credit: Ashley Wallace

Kate Morgan has a BFA from the Columbus College of Art & Design & is based in Columbus, Ohio.

Inspired by folklore, mythology & the human form, I use figural subjects to evoke a mysterious familiarity & a haunting interpretation of beauty. I build layers of antique & vintage paper collage mixed with my original ink washed drawings to create visual depth on wooden panels. Incorporating historical references through my use of collage, this element creates topical & textural details. Thematically I incorporate my love of the spirit as well as the strength of the feminine. I address symbolic, cultural, historical & spiritual themes with purposeful vagueness, allowing them to be familiar & curious to a variety of audiences. I want my work to be the beginning of a dialogue, not a confrontation.

I am a stylistic amalgamation of artists that I love spanning time & place beyond what the Roman Empire could even fathom. The most obvious reference is of Byzantine origin, by way of gold leaf halos. My works constantly shifts & moves while nodding & making reference to stylistic & cultural symbols. Those have included: Sumerian, Assyrian, Persian, Egyptian, German Expressionism, Surrealism, Pre-Renaissance/Renaissance, Outsider art, Graffiti and Folk Art to name a few.

The materials I use could stand alone; paper, watercolor, ink or colored pencil. However individually they don’t display the depth & mystery I desire. By layering them over & over each other it feels like the more I do it, the more stories they have to tell. I enjoy the process to the point of being hypnotized by it. I also feel the thin layers conceptually reinforce the layers of a person, we are after all the sum of all of our parts.

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